Medical Services The physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners at Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo provide ambulatory, primary medical and pediatric care. We also enjoy the cooperation of local medical consultant specialists who provide specialty services, as well as minor surgery on site. Most Clinicas clinicians hold staff privileges at community hospitals in our area. Our objective is to help you and your family enjoy better health and live more productive lives.

Dental Services   Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo provides dental care for adults, children and adolescents at the Brawley, Mecca and Calexico facilities. Our service is comprehensive and includes examinations, teeth cleaning, operative treatment (fillings), sealants, endodontic procedures (root canals) and minor surgery. In addition, we provide preventative dental education and services. Emergency appointments are available daily.

Child Health & Disability Prevention Program   Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo provides a public health, well-child program through the Department of Health Services to eligible families. These services include medical, dental, vision, and hearing examinations as well as all necessary lab tests, immunizations, developmental assessment and other screening procedures to provide optimal family health.

OB-GYN Program   An average of 800 patients are seen each year. A team of OB-GYN specialists are assisted by a maternity nurse-practitioner on staff to assure total comprehensive medical care for the expectant mother that will take her from early pregnancy through birth and post-natal care.

Pharmacy Services   A wide variety of medications are dispensed and administered in our Brawley clinic. This program is under the direction of full-time Clinical pharmicists and we are a fully licensed pharmacy with the ability to bill most insurances and Medi-Cal. We pride ourselves on the emphasis we place on informing and educating our patients regarding their medications. We maintain patient drug profiles and monitor the appropriateness of prescription, which may have an adverse reaction or interact with another medication.

Social Services   The Social Services Department assists individuals and families to enroll in medical and social service programs for which they are eligible. A substantial amount of counseling in personal problem solving is also provided. We also assists in the paperwork associated with obtaining needed services.

Women, Infants and Children (WIC)   is a supplemental food and nutrition education program for pregnant and breast-feeding women, infants and children may participate in the program up to five years of age. Participation guidelines are provided by the state of California and the WIC agency. Clinicas will provide you and your family nutritional care, instruction, assessment, planning and follow-up. These services have been extended to include patients in Calexico and El Centro. Distribution sites for WIC vouchers are located in Brawley, El Centro, Calexico, Winterhaven, Niland, Seeley, Ocotillo and Salton Sea.

Health Education   Nothing is more important than your good health. We believe health education is your first step toward a healthier lifestyle. At Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo, licensed health educators provide one-to-one counseling in a wide range of areas: weight control, stress, hypertension, diabetes, etc. These services are offered free of charge to our patients.

Family Planning Services   Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo offers extensive family planning and counseling services needed to effectively plan families. Family Planning Services includes routine pelvic exams, Pap test, medical assessment, pregnancy testing and birth control methods for both men and women.

Laboratory Services   Clinicas has laboratory services in all our facilities. This enables your Clinician physicians to obtain your test results promptly and efficiently.

Transportation   Patients who otherwise would not have access to our facilities are encouraged to utilize our transportation system. Transportation services are available at no charge. Please call one working day prior to your visit. Call 344-9951.

Fees and Eligibility   is open to everyone. Our fees for medical and dental services are based on family size and income for patients without insurance. No one, regardless of race, creed, sex or physical disability is denied services because of their inability to pay. Due to our participation in Medi-Cal and Medicare programs, we are able to keep our fees at a minimum. Clinicas welcomes you and your family to avail yourself of our services. Call the number from your corresponding area for an appointment or more information.

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